Meeting of global Food Security Cluster Partners, 13-14 May 2015

Post date Thursday, 2 April, 2015 - 11:53

The next semi-annual Meeting of global Food Security Cluster Partners is organised at FAO in Rome, Italy, on 13-14 May 2015 to strengthen the linkages between Global Partners by jointly reviewing common issues faced in food security coordination. During the meeting, participants will hear from several key food security experts and agencies, provide valuable contributions to shape future direction and solutions for the gFSC and exchange valuable information on partner activities and programmes.

Tuesday 12 May will be dedicated to face-to-face meetings of the gFSC Working Groups on Food Security and Livelihoods in Urban Settings, Programme Quality and the recently established Working Group on Technology and Innovation, focusing on updates, work plan reviews and adjustments as necessary.

The two-day Partners’ Meeting will be organised around plenary sessions and break-out groups as appropriate.  Agenda items have been identified in consultation with global partners and country cluster coordinators.

While the detailed agenda is being finalised, it is proposed that the main items will include:

  • Review of the gFSC Strategic Plan implementation, highlighting achievements and constraints, including reporting back by the Working Group chairs.
  • Discussion on humanitarian policy, such as the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) including needs assessments/Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), Strategic Response Plans (SRP) and Accountability to Affected Population (AAP), aid effectiveness and the linkages with the World Humanitarian Summit. The session will help to frame the global positioning on these matters and to decide what action is required.
  • Review of gFSC country cluster support mechanisms (deployments, roster, capacity building activities, partnership arrangements etc.) and tools.
  • Review of progress and the way forward for the temporary task forces set-up at the last Global Partners’ meeting on resilience and preparedness activities related to the gFSC.
  • Discussion on the implementation of the FSC evaluation’s recommendations, status and constraints (if any).
  • Discussion on gFSC performance monitoring and governance. This session will be facilitated by the global support unit. By the end of the session, recommendations to cluster co-lead agencies (WFP and FAO) on governance matters will be formulated.

A preliminary agenda will be circulated shortly for comments. The sessions will be facilitated by the gFSC Global Support Team and/or Global Partners and Country Cluster Coordinators. A call for interested session facilitators will be issued when circulating the draft agenda.

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Photo Credit: Joelle Eid/WFP