gFSC Information Management Tool

Post date Thursday, 24 July, 2014 - 13:21

When an emergency strikes, among the responsibilities of a country-level Food Security Cluster is to coordinate partner responses to ensure that planning and implementation of food security responses avoid gaps and duplications, and are comparable and timely to affected populations. Information management plays an essential role in this process and is one of the core Food Security Cluster funcions.

gFSC Information Management Tool

Recognizing the need for the country-level Food Security Clusters to take a holistic approach to data collection and sharing, the gFSC has created a web-based Information Management (IM) tool for cluster systems and partners to use to collect, analyse and report on food security responses. The gFSC IM tool is an elaboration of a tool that was built and used by the Somalia and South Sudan Food Security Clusters.

With the ability to be deployed to any operation, the IM tool will make data collection, processing, and response analysis globally comparable.  By producing operational reports and maps the IM tool can give visibility to gaps and overlaps of partner responses and ultimately avoid duplication of humanitarian assistance, especially considering issues of food availability, access and utilization.  Consistent information sharing by partners will facilitate project tracking and monitoring and result in evidence based decision making for strategic intervention and improved implementation.

Pilot training

The IM Tool was first time tested during the training in Rome on 15-18 July, when experienced Information Management Officers and Cluster Coordinators with information management experience tested the tool and provided their inputs to help the gFSC ensure that the IM Tool is adaptable to different emergency contexts.


Based on the feedback received at the pilot training, the IM tool is now being finalized. Roll-out process is tentatively scheduled for fall 2014, funding permitting.

More information

More information about the IM Tool is now available at a dedicated FSC webpage.