Adapting to an Urban World: New Desk Review on Urban Assessments and Syria Crisis Case Study Now Available

Post date Monday, 13 July, 2015 - 16:57

As part of the "Adapting to an Urban World", gFSC/WFP joint project on urban assessments, two new studies have been recently produced.

1. Tracking the Development of Urban Food Security Assessment Tools: 2010 to 2015

A Desk Review on "Tracking the Development of Urban Food Security Assessment Tools: 2010 to 2015’’ has been developed to inform the design of pilot assessment tools to be tested in different urban settings. The review is building on the findings of the 2010 WFP/Oxfam review and includes an analysis of urban assessment guidance and tools produced and tested mainly after 2010. The report highlights the achievements and gaps to be addressed in assessing food security needs in urban and peri-urban areas. 

2. Urban Case Study: Syria Crisis (Lebanon and Jordan)

Additionally, the project's second case study was conducted in April 2015 on the Syria Crisis, with the aim of understanding how previous food security and vulnerability assessments have been conducted, focusing on the Syrian refugees living in the urban areas of Jordan and Lebanon.

It was agreed among Steering Committee members that the case study would not include any primary data collection with refugees, given the ‘’assessment fatigue’’ of refugees in the region, and the fact that significant data and information was already available. The methodology included a) a desk review of urban food security assessments/analyses/studies conducted in the countries b) interviews with key stakeholders in the region to identify the main challenges, gaps and solutions in conducting FS and vulnerability assessments. The case study demonstrated that humanitarian actors in the region have developed a number of innovative vulnerability analysis methodologies, though many specific indicators (such as coping strategies, measuring food consumption, measuring expenditure) are still proving challenging.

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Photo: Syrian Refugees – Credit:  Dina Elkassaby/WFP

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