Food Security Cluster Coordinator Training Report, 6-10 July, Rome

Post date Wednesday, 10 February, 2016 - 14:46
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The Food Security Cluster Coordinator Training, organized by the global Food Security Cluster (gFSC) and Humanitarian Productions, was hosted by the gFSC at the Abitart Hotel in Rome, Italy from 6-10 July. This is the fifth Cluster Coordinator Training organized by the gFSC and it has continued to progressively build based on recommendations which stem from previous Trainings held in Stuttgart from 27 April to 1 May, Bangkok from 8 to 12 June, 2014 and in Rome from 18 to 21 August, 2014, 17 to 21 November, and further from the Pilot Training which took place in February 2014. A formal review of key changes and core competencies most developed and mastered throughout the course of the four Cluster Coordinator trainings can be found in Annex 5.

This learning process has been designed for experienced humanitarians who have the potential of becoming Food Security Cluster Coordinators (CC), as well for those who are already Cluster Coordinators. This unique Training presented participants with an opportunity to better understand CC roles and responsibilities before, during and after an Level 3 emergency.  The learning process also allowed participants to practice key CC roles and responsibilities and to use experiential learning to explore what attitudes, knowledge and skills are most helpful to best undertake these expected CC duties in a real Level 3 emergency or disaster situation.

In conjunction with these learning objectives, a “Level of Readiness Assessment” component was also introduced in the Training. The purpose of this Assessment was to inform the gFSC about participant’s readiness for deployment to a L3 emergency, thus identifying training participants who could potentially join the gFSC roster of deployable members for L2 and L3 emergencies.

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