E-learning Course on IPC Version 2.0

Post date Wednesday, 27 January, 2016 - 13:19
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The course on“Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) - version 2.0”offers a comprehensive yet readily accessiblesource of guidance on using the IPC four functions and related tools and procedures specifically focused on acute food insecurity. The course consists of 11 lessons, of approximately 15 to 150 minutes duration each, and it is based on the IPC technical Manual version 2.0, which was originally published in 2012. It is self-paced learning and uses a variety of learning methods to get to grips with each topic: storytelling, illustrative case studies, interactive self-assessment tests and practice exercises. The course also includes glossary, background readings and relevant online resources.

The course has been developed in the framework of IPC Certification Programme which consists of three certification levels. The course is not a certification requirement but will help undertake the IPC Level 1 Test that is one of the key requirements to get the Level 1 IPC Analyst Certificate. A direct link to the IPC Level 1 Test is included in this course platform. We are confident that it will support countries and all interested existing and potential IPC practitioners in applying IPC through a better understanding of IPC version 2.0 core concepts, fundamentals and processes.

We encourage all to share this information with colleagues and partners that may be interested in taking the course.Click here to access the course. 

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