Hot Spots

The Food Security Cluster is working closely with the established national and refugee coordination mechanisms to ensure coherent, coordinated and integrated humanitarian responses driven by the food security needs of affected populations, assessed in consultation with them.

The food security outlook for 2015 is of great concern, with 2.5 million* people projected to be in Crisis or Emergency from January to March 2015, nearly half in Greater Upper Nile. Severe challenges include early depletion of household food stocks, dysfunctional markets, loss of livelihoods, and displacement – all resulting from protracted conflict.

The February dispatch cycle for distribution of in-kind food assistance is currently underway, with a plan to deliver up to 850,000 family food rations, sufficient for over 4.2 million beneficiaries, to partners for distribution. Food sector members continue to find alternative modalities to deliver food aid to areas with prolonged access constraints.

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a sparsely populated and landlocked country of 4.6 million inhabitants. Despite its wealth in mineral and natural resources, CAR ranks 180 out of 187 countries in the 2012 UNDP Human Development Index.