Food Security Cluster
Summary of cluster response plan Cluster lead agency WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME and FOOD AGRICULTURAL ORGANIZATION Facilitator: ACTION CONTRE LA FAIM

Cluster member organizations
ACF, ACORD, ACRA, ACTED, Africare, CARE, CCO, COOPI, Concern, CRF, CRS, CRT, FAO, FEWSNET, GIZ, Groupe URD, IMC, Intermón Oxfam, INTERSOS, MDM, MSF Suisse, MSF France, MSF Hollande, OHD, OXFAM GB, Première Urgence, SIF, Solidarités, WFP

Cluster objectives
 Save lives and improve food security of vulnerable population (men and women) affected by crisis.
 Reinforce and diversify livelihoods to strengthen resilience of vulnerable population (men and women) and communities in emergencies and ER.
 Improve food security analysis and information management while ensuring the availability of gender disaggregated information.
 Reinforce coordination and enhance the capacity of field actors.


  • Capital - N'Djamena
  • Time Zone - GMT + 01:00
  • Currency - Central African CFA franc (XAF)