The Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) has been a central part of the humanitarian response in Afghanistan since 2008.  The FSAC is co-led by the World Food Program (WFP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), with a Non-governmental Organization (NGO, currently CoAR) as co-chair.  Over 172 partner organizations country-wide are active in the FSAC, including NGOs (international and national), relevant Government ministries (central and regional departments), United Nations (UN) agencies and donors. Amongst the 172 partners and members, the numbers break down as follows:

78 international NGOs,   60 national NGOs,   3 Red Cross/Crescent related organizations,   6 private and research institutions,   4 state-level line ministries,   9 UN agencies   and   12 donors


  • Capital - Kabul
  • Population - 26,813,057
  • Time Zone - GMT +04:50
  • Currency - Afghani (AFA)