Cluster Performance Monitoring

Monitoring coordination performance at the national and sub-national level in both sudden onset and protracted crises is necessary to ensure that clusters are efficient and effective coordination mechanisms, fulfilling the core cluster functions, meeting the needs of constituent members, and supporting delivery to affected people. It is also necessary for accountability purposes to demonstrate the added value and justify the cost of coordination.

Two elements to monitor coordination performance are elaborated in this introductory note: (1) the Cluster activation checklist and (2) the Coordination performance report. Both have been developed based on the IASC guidance to level 3 emergencies, the commitments to the principles of accountability to affected populations and the six core functions of country clusters.

Cluster Performance Activation Form

Questionnaire Cluster Description

Questionnaire Partners Cluster Performance Assessment

Questionnaire Coordinators Cluster Performance Assessment

More Information on Cluster Performance Monitoring

Explanatory Note - Questionnaire & Analysis

Cluster Activation Checklist

Cluster Performance Monitoring Cycle

Cluster Performance Monitoring Technical Timeline

Cluster Performance Monitoring Report Template

Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring Presentation