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Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) and Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA)

Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) offers a people-centered and rights-based framework that is concerned with respecting the rights, dignity and safety of people affected by disaster and conflict. The women, men, girls and boys receiving humanitarian assistance are the primary stakeholders of any humanitarian response and have a basic right to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, receive the information they need to make informed decisions and to complain if they feel the help they receive is not adequate or has unwelcomed consequences (see CHSAlliance). For further information, see also gFSC Animation video on AAP and people-centred cross-cutting dimensions or gFSC Key Messages: Gender & Age Sensitive Humanitarian Response contributes to AAP.

Sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) of affected community members by anyone associated with the provision of aid constitutes one of the most serious breaches of accountabilit. It is also a serious protection concern and erodes the confidence and trust of affected communities and the host country in all those providing assistance (see IASC Task Team on AAP/PSEA).

For further information see also PSEA Task Force, Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS), Sphere Minimum Standards, or contact the gFSC Global Support Team .